DEPARTURE LOCATION Durham - North Carolina
RETURN LOCATION Durham - North Carolina
SINGLE BED DISCOUNT $50 per night (applies only when all doubles already reserved)
Day 1

Zip-Lining Warm-UP

Over 100 years ago, this quiet, inconspicuous corner of the US gave birth to the magic of flight.  Surely, even the Wright Brothers couldn’t imagine what their assembled collection of used bicycle parts would ultimately lead to. But here we are today, and with this specially-designed itinerary, we pay homage to a century of flight that Wilbur & Orville spawned! So what other way to begin than at full speed?  That’s right…as soon as we pick you up in our 31′ RV, we whisk you away and strap you into a harness and fly you off platform after platform, suspended only by a thin steel cable.  This zip line course will get your blood pumping as we start our “High As a Kite” adventure!  Relax afterwards as we grill up dinner for you at the RV Park, and get to know our new mates for the week of adventures to come!

Day 2

Deep Sea Fishing

Congrats!  You conquered the ZipLine yesterday!  But before we take to the skies again, let’s take a day or two to first get familiar with the mighty waters of North Carolina, starting with an all-day, deep-sea fishing trip 60 miles off the coast, in the warm gulf stream currents.  Our professional crew will set you up with everything you will need in order to test your skills against tuna, wahoo, mahi mahi, grouper, and even the mighty sailfish & marlin that call these distant waters their home!  Our crew will even clean our catch for us so that we can enjoy our fish during our continuing journey!

Day 3

Kayaking Retreat

Before you lose your sea legs, hang on a minute.  We’re not quite done with the water just yet.  But this time, you’re the captain…of your own kayak.  Get ready to paddle your way on an intense, early morning, long-distance kayak trip between the numerous marshes and waterways that make up the Barrier Islands.  Keep your eyes peeled for exotic creatures including the endangered Osprey Hawk, Great Blue Heron, Loggerhead Sea Turtle and of course, the playful dolphins that will vie for your attention as you paddle alongside them. After returning to our home on wheels for lunch, we then guide you on a 6-mile hike through a coastal forest containing sandy beaches, cypress swamps, hardwood forests, pine savannahs and pocosin bogs.  At the end of the journey, your RV will be waiting for you with a prepared dinner and a comfortable bed after such a long day on land & sea.

Day 4

Hang Gliding

Are you ready to leave terra firma yet?  We hope so, as we take you to the windy dunes near Kitty Hawk to launch yourself on own hang glider!  Our expert guides will instruct you and show you the ropes, but you’ll be the only one in control as you learn to operate your new wings.  Don’t worry…they’re sand dunes.     The landings will be soft, even if you tumble-land like a giant albatross. After multiple flights on your own, some of which could stretch over a hundred yards, it’s time to give you a taste of what the real experts can do.  So we hook you up (literally) with a pro, and have a plane tow you both up a mile into the sky, where we cut the tether and allow your tandem team to glide down like a bird to a soft landing.  You will almost certainly be the first of your friends to experience this method of flight, and become the envy of them all!

Day 5


It’s time to really step it up this morning, for today we take to air on kiteboards!  You’ve seen them flying on the water at all the beaches, but on this day, our experts will spend hours with you teaching you the basics of this intimidating device.  You’ll learn how to properly harness the wind, balance on the kiteboard and tear it up on the waves!  After the lessons, we set you free to show us what you’ve got.  This is no hand-holding, tandem event.  You will be flying your own board, as fast as you let the wind take you. Oh, and our team might just be filming you while you do!

Day 6

Jetpack & Flyboard & Biplane - Do them ALL

Do you remember James Bond escaping from the enemy in one of his old movies by wearing a rocket-powered jetpack on his back?  Well, that was science fiction back then.  However, today it’s a reality…and you won’t even have to worry about getting burned, because we “launch” this morning with our high-powered water jetpack that you control and fly around with on your own.  Yes, you’ll be soaring over the waves after a brief lesson from the experts, as high as three stories in the air!  This is an thrill that must be experienced to be believed. But that’s not all!  After you’ve shown off your stuff with this big-boy toy, we prepare for you a delicious lunch before bringing you to where to real pilots fly!  We will strap you into a real bi-plane, just like the Red Baron used to fly!  No windows, no cockpit.  Just an open-air adrenaline rush as your pilot performs aerial acrobatics including inverted aerials for you.  Make sure that seatbelt is fastened for this one!

Day 7

Top it off with a Free Fall

To warm up this morning we will conquer another 1200 feet just to float above the Roanoke Sound and the Currituck Sound while enjoying breathtaking bird’s eye views of the Outer Banks. Enjoy your morning parasailing ride and get ready for the final activity of your trip – a cherry on top of the cocktail of excitement surely you had this week!

OK, it’s time.  You’ve flown with a kiteboard, a jetpack, a hang glider, and even a bi-plane.
But the one thing they all had in common is that they all stayed with you during your flights AND LANDINGS!  Well, it’s time to break with that tradition! This time, we take you up in a perfectly good airplane, but we return WITHOUT YOU!  That’s because when we reach top cruising altitude, you will jump out of the plane!  Our professional tandem skydiver guides will stay with you all the way down, allowing you to experience both freefall and the silent, gliding sensation you get after the chute opens!  You know you’ve always wanted to do this, and so you finally will get the opportunity.  And all the bragging rights that come with it!

Day 8

Mission Complete!

Yes, it’s true.  Tempus fugit…Time flies.  And certainly, so did we.  But it’s time for us to take you to your last flight of the trip, the airport.  But when your feet are back on the ground at home, and you are telling everyone about your “High As a Kite” adventure with us, we just know that we’ll see you — AND THEM — on a future EXtreme RV Adventure itinerary somewhere else in this great country of ours!  Until then…Bon voyage!

Not enough people in your group to book a trip?  No problem!

We at EXtreme RV Adventures know that nothing enhances our adventure travel experience more than when you have additional cool, fun & interesting people like yourselves along for the ride, sharing in these amazing journeys.  On these challenging trips, your mates will be there to encourage and support you, as well as lend a hand when you need one.  We expect that lifelong friendships will be formed from our unique business model.

Additionally, the larger the group, the lower the per-person trip cost.

Therefore, we have created a networking forum below that will allow you to either join a trip that another group has put together, or post your own invitation asking others to join you on a specific itinerary and date.

Simply answer the questions below indicating whether you would like to join an existing group, or you would like to welcome other great adventurers to join you on a specific trip.

You may indicate the sleeping accommodations you would require if others joined, or you can show your flexibility by offering other groups “first dibs” on which beds they would like.  It’s up to you.

And unless you’re officially BOOKING your trip (meaning your group is going regardless of whether or not others join you) there is no fee or deposit required to post a message here inviting others.  Once others respond saying they want to join your party, final bookings can be processed and payments made at that time.

If you have already OFFICIALLY BOOKED AND COMMITTED to a trip (meaning that your group is going regardless of whether or not others decide to join you), and later another group or individual takes you up on your invitation to join in, then every member in your group will immediately be issued a partial refund for the difference between what you already paid and the lower per-person trip cost based on the additional guests participating.

Please note that if you are simply REQUESTING others to join you on a trip (in other words, you’re not committing now, but waiting until others join your party) without officially RESERVING that trip with full payment, then there is a risk of getting shut out of that trip if another group chooses to reserve that same trip entirely for themselves.

Finally, for groups of more than six people, we may be able to accommodate such larger groups by offering multiple RVs on the same itinerary, traveling together.  Please contact us to inquire about such details.

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