RETURN LOCATION Portland - Oregon
SINGLE BED DISCOUNT $50 per night (applies only when all doubles already reserved)
Day 1

From a Bird's Eye View

Good morning and welcome aboard, mates!  We’re looking forward to spending the next week with you pulling off a 900-mile loop around the Great State of Oregon!  So let’s jump right into it!  A brief drive and we’re getting fitted for an experience you will certainly be the first on your block to conquer…tandem paragliding! Let the pros take you up thousands of feet into the air and then catch the updrafts coming off the mountains to keep you aloft and flying!  We’ll trade stories later over a barbeque as we get ready for the rest of the intense week to come!

Day 2


Let’s get up and at ’em before sunrise today!  You’ve conquered the air on your first day, so now let’s head out on the ocean and see what you’ve got!  That’s right…we will “hook” you up with all the rods, reels and bait you’ll need to land the big one!  Depending on the season, we’ll be hitting salmon, halibut & tuna! Our Captain knows the best places to attack depending on the time of the year and where the schools are running.  But that’s not all…after a brief lunch break, we hit the bays and try to catch our limit crabbing.  You just know we’re going to be eating well tonight!

Day 3

Ride the Dunes

Already you’ve “tackled” the sea and flown through the air, so today we’re going to bring you back to terra firma as we strap a helmet on you and set you free to tear up the dunes on your desert ATV.  We can open our throttles for miles and miles on the sand, and if you’re up for it, you can even test your skills on a Sand Board, the sand dunes’ version of the snowboard.  Ride and slide on the huge windblown mounds of fine sand until you’ve worked up the appetite you’ll need for tonight’s dinner back at home base, our RV!

Day 4

Battle the White Water

No time to slow down.  Grab your paddle, throw on a life jacket and let’s go rafting down some class III-IV+ whitewater!  This is no beginner’s course.  We’ll hit almost 50 sets of intense rapids in succession as we try to hang onto our raft for miles and miles through some of the most beautiful canyons you will find anywhere.  Our expert guides will make sure you have the time of your life.  We’ll stop for a shore lunch before completing the rest of this thrilling ride, and then head back to the RV to rest and unwind.

Day 5

Pay a Visit to the Deep Water

This is going to be one of those days you will talk about for a long time.  What do you say to hiking up and into a volcano today?  Don’t worry, it hasn’t blown its top for thousands of years, but when it did, it made Mt. St. Helens look like a burp.  This is Crater Lake National Park, and we’re going to summit Wizard Island, which sits smack in the middle of this enormous, very deep and crystal clear, water-filled caldera. So first, we will take a boat to the island, which will drop us off and leave us there to make a summit attempt.  But to get to the boat, we will first have to descend 700′ down the outside rim of the volcano…the same rim we will have to climb back up to at the end of the day!  And all while we are up around 7,000′ above sea level.  This is truly a unique hike, and one you cannot forget your camera for.

Day 6

Blazin' Saddles

Do you have any energy left in you after the last five intense days?  Well, we hope so, because today is going to be a double whammy!  First, we’re going to challenge ourselves and conquer the steep, jagged switchbacks of the appropriately-named “Misery Trail” in Smith Rock State Park.  This 4-mile loop may not sound that hard, but the elevation gain to the top will leave your quads a-burnin’!  Look up to see the many rock climbers racing you to the peak, albeit taking a very different path.  Once at the top, you will be able to see almost limitlessly around you at this region’s most magnificent peaks, including Mt Hood, Mt Jefferson, Three Sisters and more. But hang on there, pardner!  Once we descend back down into the valley, we saddle up and ride our steeds through some of the most serene landscapes Oregon has to offer.  You will be riding the very same trail through fields and streams that John Wayne rode when he was filming his Westerns back in the days.  Our guides will also have a catered dinner spread waiting for you at the end of the ride, which we will enjoy as we watch the sun set over the mountains.

Day 7

Mystic Waters

Are you ready to close out the week with one more intense push through a scenic chasm like nothing you have ever seen before?  We drop you and one guide off near the summit of this 13-mile trail which winds through the thick forest vegetation, passing 100-foot high waterfalls which we can walk under!  Not for the faint of heart, as this trail consists of some narrow ledges cut into the basalt rock, with sheer cliffs dropping off on one side.  Known for the smoky, dense fog that sometimes fills the air on this jungle-style trek, the visibility will gradually clear up as you descend down almost 4,000 vertical feet to your RV at the end of the trail, where your second guide will have dinner waiting for you at the pick-up point.  You’ve made it back, and it’ll be time to have a toast to your accomplishments as we settle in for the night in this spectacular region of the American rugged West.

Day 8

Back to Portland

What can we say?  You’ve navigated to gauntlet on this 7-day trip, conquering volcanoes, flying high, horseback riding, rafting, fishing, ATVing and much more. You have earned your bragging rights, and we expect you’ll be sharing the details of your EXtreme RV Adventure with your friends and family for months after you get home.  But we know we’ll see you again on one of our future itineraries, perhaps next time in the Everglades, Grand Canyon or even Baja California in Mexico.  We head back to Portland Airport now, but until we meet again, we thank you for joining us and look forward to seeing you again soon!

Not enough people in your group to book a trip?  No problem!

We at EXtreme RV Adventures know that nothing enhances our adventure travel experience more than when you have additional cool, fun & interesting people like yourselves along for the ride, sharing in these amazing journeys.  On these challenging trips, your mates will be there to encourage and support you, as well as lend a hand when you need one.  We expect that lifelong friendships will be formed from our unique business model.

Additionally, the larger the group, the lower the per-person trip cost.

Therefore, we have created a networking forum below that will allow you to either join a trip that another group has put together, or post your own invitation asking others to join you on a specific itinerary and date.

Simply answer the questions below indicating whether you would like to join an existing group, or you would like to welcome other great adventurers to join you on a specific trip.

You may indicate the sleeping accommodations you would require if others joined, or you can show your flexibility by offering other groups “first dibs” on which beds they would like.  It’s up to you.

And unless you’re officially BOOKING your trip (meaning your group is going regardless of whether or not others join you) there is no fee or deposit required to post a message here inviting others.  Once others respond saying they want to join your party, final bookings can be processed and payments made at that time.

If you have already OFFICIALLY BOOKED AND COMMITTED to a trip (meaning that your group is going regardless of whether or not others decide to join you), and later another group or individual takes you up on your invitation to join in, then every member in your group will immediately be issued a partial refund for the difference between what you already paid and the lower per-person trip cost based on the additional guests participating.

Please note that if you are simply REQUESTING others to join you on a trip (in other words, you’re not committing now, but waiting until others join your party) without officially RESERVING that trip with full payment, then there is a risk of getting shut out of that trip if another group chooses to reserve that same trip entirely for themselves.

Finally, for groups of more than six people, we may be able to accommodate such larger groups by offering multiple RVs on the same itinerary, traveling together.  Please contact us to inquire about such details.

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