DEPARTURE LOCATION Seattle - Washington
RETURN LOCATION Seattle - Washington
SINGLE BED DISCOUNT $50 per night (applies only when all doubles already reserved)
Day 1

Whale Watching in Seattle

Welcome to the stunning beauty of the American Northwest!  You are in for a week-long treat as we pick you up first thing in the morning in our 31′ RV and head right for the Pacific Ocean!  Meet your new mates for the week as we board our whale watching ship and head out to look for migrating orcas & humpbacks off Washington’s rugged and beautiful coast.  Later that evening, we’ll settle in for a bbq while we prepare for an early wake up tomorrow.

Day 2

Ready for a BIG Fish?

Ahoy, Matey!  It’s time to get back on the water, but this time with a rod & reel in our hands!  We head out before the sun is up in order to get a jump start on the tuna, salmon, halibut or other huge game fish that makes these waters so plentiful and famous.  We’ll test our angling skills against these monsters!  We provide all the equipment and bait needed in order for everyone to test their angling skills and hit their limits.  We even clean and pack up your catch so we can prepare it for dinner back at the RV as we rest from the long day out on the ocean and tell stories about the one that got away.

Day 3

Get lost in a Rain forest

Rise and shine!  An early morning breakfast gives us the energy we will need as we tackle the majestic Hoh River Trail, which takes us deep into the rain forests of this spectacular park.  We explore miles and miles of dense woods, noisy with the sounds of birds and other animals calling out all around us.

We go as far as we can based on our speed, and then turn back to follow the river on our other side. Following our hike, we enjoy lunch as we cruise our RV down the scenic Pacific coastline to a tiny fishing town where we settle in, have dinner and prepare for an early 5 am departure on our private chartered fishing boat the next morning.


Day 4

Paddling and Spinning

So you had a little taste of the Pacific Ocean on yesterday’s whale-watching tour, but today you’re going to be the captain of your own vessel!  That’s right.  Grab your personal sea kayak and jump right in as we explore Washington’s waters like never before.  Let our expert guides lead you into the dark, winding hidden sea caves at the base of the cliffs that make up this jagged shoreline.  Don’t be surprised to see whales breaching near you.  We provide everything from life jackets to wetsuits! But that’s not all… After a lunch break, we trade in our kayaks for mountain bikes, and your guides then take you into the grand forests over miles of deep-woods trails that surround the Olympic Mountains.  They don’t call this The Evergreen State for nothing!  A day like this will have you work up an appetite, so we head back to our RV and enjoy a sunset dinner as we prepare for our next challenging day.

Day 5

Back to Seattle

YOU DID IT!  YOU SURVIVED!  You tackled a volcano, scrambled through a lava tube, held on for dear life on the whitewater, kayaked with whales, explored sea caves, brought in your catch of the Pacific’s deep inhabitants and logged a thousand miles in the process.  Give yourself a pat on the back for taking on one of EXtreme RV Adventures’ toughest challenges.  We say our good-byes as we drop you off at Seattle’s airport, but we just know that once you share your pictures and videos with your friends and family, they will be joining you the next time you come adventuring with us!  See you then!

Not enough people in your group to book a trip?  No problem!

We at EXtreme RV Adventures know that nothing enhances our adventure travel experience more than when you have additional cool, fun & interesting people like yourselves along for the ride, sharing in these amazing journeys.  On these challenging trips, your mates will be there to encourage and support you, as well as lend a hand when you need one.  We expect that lifelong friendships will be formed from our unique business model.

Additionally, the larger the group, the lower the per-person trip cost.

Therefore, we have created a networking forum below that will allow you to either join a trip that another group has put together, or post your own invitation asking others to join you on a specific itinerary and date.

Simply answer the questions below indicating whether you would like to join an existing group, or you would like to welcome other great adventurers to join you on a specific trip.

You may indicate the sleeping accommodations you would require if others joined, or you can show your flexibility by offering other groups “first dibs” on which beds they would like.  It’s up to you.

And unless you’re officially BOOKING your trip (meaning your group is going regardless of whether or not others join you) there is no fee or deposit required to post a message here inviting others.  Once others respond saying they want to join your party, final bookings can be processed and payments made at that time.

If you have already OFFICIALLY BOOKED AND COMMITTED to a trip (meaning that your group is going regardless of whether or not others decide to join you), and later another group or individual takes you up on your invitation to join in, then every member in your group will immediately be issued a partial refund for the difference between what you already paid and the lower per-person trip cost based on the additional guests participating.

Please note that if you are simply REQUESTING others to join you on a trip (in other words, you’re not committing now, but waiting until others join your party) without officially RESERVING that trip with full payment, then there is a risk of getting shut out of that trip if another group chooses to reserve that same trip entirely for themselves.

Finally, for groups of more than six people, we may be able to accommodate such larger groups by offering multiple RVs on the same itinerary, traveling together.  Please contact us to inquire about such details.

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