An RV? Really?

That’s right. At EXtreme RV Adventures, it’s not just about the destinations…it’s also about the journey.  And the Recreational Vehicle IS the journey! Whether you meet your new mates for the first time when you board, or you come with friends or family, this journey is about a team spirit, working with each other to accomplish mutual goals. Our unique style allows our guests to interact with each other and with the guides, in order to provide the best experience possible.  You will share your adventures during the day with cool people just like yourselves who will be there to lend a hand during the challenging climbs or the rough rapids, and then share stories over a campfire in the evenings while we barbecue and toast S’mores.  Expect to make lifelong friends — or even strengthen the bonds between existing friendships in a unique way —
on this life-altering, week-long test of your abilities!  We ask that you shut out the work-world for the duration of the trip. We pack the food, we bring the grills, we provide everything but the memories…that is your job!  You check your issues at the door when you arrive, and you “Let Us Take You For a Ride!”